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To borrow a phrase from my novel, Glenn Steinbaum is the light at the end of a dark tunnel. What began as an uncertain foray into new territory ended in splendor, as his deep, magical voice swept the novel to new heights. My audiobook production is a masterpiece! Glenn carried the torch from chapter to chapter as a narrator and voice actor of the highest calling. Giving distinctive personalities to the cast, he was able to capture wildly swinging emotions and scenes with excellence. He is now the voice of the series, and I wait with anticipation for the next  production. Thank you, Glenn, for your masterful talents!

      - K.N. Smith, Author, Discovery of the Five Senses

Glenn is an absolutely incredible voice over artist. He did the audio version of my book The Hawke Method. His voice is incredible, he is reasonable, he is professional, he delivered faster than we expected, with top notch quality. I can't recommend this man enough, we are so happy with how it all turned out.

      - Erik Huberman CEO and Founder, Hawke Media

Glenn Steinbaum is one of the most talented voiceover artists around. His range allows him to excel in virtually any style you desire and he will not stop unless the read is 100% perfect. On top of that, he's a pleasure to speak with during a session and a true student of his game. I highly recommend Glenn.


       - Josh Kusnitzow, Manager, Creative Services at Big Ten Network

Glenn has been a tremendous and reliable asset to our production team, providing VO for several of our opens and promos.  Besides having a great tone to his voice, he can also provide variety based on the mood or feel of the piece written for him.  He’s great to work with, takes notes well and is always on time.


     - Michael LaPlante, Producer, UFC


I love working with Glenn! First and foremost, he’s got talent. He makes our work look and sound better every time we work together. Glenn has great instincts about tone and style, adapts to feedback and direction, and goes above and beyond to elevate our clients’ campaigns. 


      - Caddie Hastings, Producer, GrossMyth Production Company


Glenn is an absolute joy to work with. He is always willing to go that extra mile to ensure the whole team is happy. He has a wide range and takes direction extremely well. I highly recommend Glenn for any of your voiceover needs.  


       - Lauren Langfitt, Producer, Bernstein Rein Advertising


I’ve hired Glenn on a multitude of projects over these last few years and he has always performed beyond my expectations.  He is not only extremely talented, creative, and intuitive, but he is an amazing guy and easy to work with.  When I think back on the thousands of actors whom I’ve directed, trained or represented, Glenn is one of those few actors who stands out as being one of the special ones.

      - Jeff Howell, producer/director/coach






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